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20 of the Best Healthful Snack Ideas

Think more about what you eat in between meals, stay guilt-free with our highly recommended healthful snacks served in a restaurant or café near you!

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie -  dari Café by the Ruins (Baguio City) di Baguio City |Other Provinces
Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
Took 30 minutes to bake! Mashed potato made it very filling.
Camaron shrimp  -  dari AA BBQ (Subangdaku) di Subangdaku |Cebu
Camaron shrimp
Plump & tasty
Tomato Pesto Pasta -  dari Oh My Gulay Restaurant (Benguet) di Benguet |Other Provinces
Everyhing is fresh and flavorful. Love the tomato chunks and basil strips, and it's a big serving!
Fresh Fruit Salad -  dari Blackbeard's Seafood Island (Rizal) di Rizal |Other Provinces
We end our boodle feast with bunch of fresh fruits. haaay #lucky20 #boodle
Garden Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad -  dari Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant (Rizal) di Rizal |Other Provinces
Garden Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad
Dong Juan Green Salad in Vinaigrette -  dari Dong Juan (Cogon Ramos) di Cogon Ramos |Cebu
Dong Juan Green Salad in Vinaigrette
Our kind of salad on Valentine's day.
 dari Bohol Bee Farm (Bohol) di Bohol |Other Provinces
For the health buff!
Fresh fruits slush  -  dari Eve's Garden (Baguio City) di Baguio City |Other Provinces
Fresh fruits slush
Cold & refreshing
Breaded Shrimps  -  dari Boy Zugba (Cagayan de Oro City) di Cagayan de Oro City |Other Provinces
A must to try Boy Zugba's thousand island dressing! Paired with breaded shrimps, it's just heavenly!
Indonesian style (asian empanada) -  dari Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food (Rizal) di Rizal |Other Provinces
Indonesian style (asian empanada)