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The best time to cozy up by the fire with skewers!

It’s finally cold enough for Hong Kong Style Barbecue and we are so excited to introduce top BBQ sites in town! From Ma On Shan, Kwun Tong, Tai Po, Yuen Long to Sai Kung, most sites have UNLIMITED time or food (some with great views!) get ready to enjoy some grilled honey chicken wings!

 dari Whitehead Barbecue (馬鞍山) di 馬鞍山 |Hong Kong
將全部食物放晒係網燒, 好方便!
 dari BBQ Party (大埔) di 大埔 |Hong Kong
多春魚 -  dari Wai Kee BBQ (元朗) di 元朗 |Hong Kong
炭燒雞中亦 -  dari 九華徑自助燒烤場 (美孚) di 美孚 |Hong Kong
額外order的大蝦及大蜆 -  dari Happy Farm BBQ (大埔) di 大埔 |Hong Kong
海邊燒烤 -  dari 龍鼓灘海邊BBQ (屯門) di 屯門 |Hong Kong
最新風貌 -  dari Green Field BBQ (西貢) di 西貢 |Hong Kong
自己親手摘的士多啤梨🍓 -  dari Tos Bbq (元朗) di 元朗 |Hong Kong
大蝦也是自攜的,非店方供應. -  dari Tai Mei Tuk Mangrove BBQ site (大埔) di 大埔 |Hong Kong
 dari Beach BBQ King (西貢) di 西貢 |Hong Kong
在沙灘旁 , 環境優美
美食佳餚~ oishiiiiii =p -  dari Kam Hei Garden (西貢) di 西貢 |Hong Kong
美食佳餚~ oishiiiiii =p
美食佳餚~ oishiiiiii =p
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