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Yummy Food For Kiddos

Tired of rejection when feeding your kids with healthy food?Don't worry! We got kids' most fave food recommendation you must try!

Roti Bakar Oreo Keju - Sleman's Kedai Roti Bakar 543 (Sleman)|Yogyakarta
Roti Bakar Oreo Keju
Great for night desert 😋😋😋
Omelete Mie - Sleman's Mi Lethek Bantul
Salah satu varian menu mie lethek. Enak dicocol dengan saus sambal
Choco Bom - Sleman's Choco Plate (Sleman)|Yogyakarta
Gratis jika dapat menghabiskannya dalam waktu kurang dari 7 menit
Burger Tempeh - Prawirotaman's Via Via Cafe (Prawirotaman)|Yogyakarta
Burger Tempeh Vegan
Pancake with ice cream - Central Yogyakarta's Pancake's Company (Central Yogyakarta)|Yogyakarta
Mie Ayam bakso jumbo  - Kaliurang's Bakso Pak Min (Kaliurang)|Yogyakarta
Mie Ayam bakso jumbo
Martabak Nutella Almond - Central Yogyakarta's Nutellaria (Central Yogyakarta)|Yogyakarta
Martabak Nutella Almond
The most delicious martabak I've ever eat
Wonton Soup - Gejayan's Dixie Easy Dining (Gejayan)|Yogyakarta
Wonton Soup Menu baru di Januari 2015
Editor's Pick inYogyakarta
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