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10 Most Scrumptious Porridge

Soft delicate yet savory porridge is best to eat in the morning to fuel up your energy before do your activities. This dish will help you to feel better before you go to work or school!

bubur taiwan - Mulyorejo's Warung Dimsum Mbledos (Mulyorejo)|Surabaya
buburnya gurih dan nikmat. ga bikin eneg
Bubur Ayam Phitan - Sukolilo's Ta Wan Restaurant (Sukolilo)|Surabaya
Bubur Ayam Phitan
Shredded chicken & century egg porridge
Bubur Ikan - Mulyorejo's Cafe 55 (Mulyorejo)|Surabaya
Bubur Ikan
biasa saja,..
Bubur Ayam - Gubeng's YUNG HO (Gubeng)|Surabaya
Bubur Ayam
Bubur Ayam komplit dengan cakue, telur, ayam dan sayur
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