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Getting started

  1. How to follow my favourite topics?
    Stay updated with the trends! Click under each topic to get updates from the like-minded foodies!
  2. How to bookmark my favourite photos?
    Click the bookmark icon on the right hand corner below the photo; you may then save it for your next visit! The bookmarked photo will appear under your profile.
  3. How to upload photos to OpenSnap?
    Click the camera icon, you can take the photo or select from gallery, submit after photo decoration.
  4. What should I pay attention to during photo upload in OpenSnap?
    If you're dining out- the restaurant name! For a more detailed personal album, you may also enter the dish name, price and rating! That will help you to recall your memory before you visit again.
  5. Why are the photos from OpenSnap shown in OpenRice?
    The photos uploaded in OpenSnap will be synchronized to OpenRice, which are then approved by our editors.
  6. Why are some photos from OpenSnap not shown in OpenRice?
    All the photos are being approved by our Editors. If your photos are not shown, you may have a look at the "Photo Technique" section to improve the photo taking skills.
  7. Why can't I see my photos? Why were my uploaded photos being removed?
    There is a possibility that your photos were flagged for spam due to the following reasons: Rude content, photos suspected to be fake, it doesn't belong to that restaurant or it is repeated.
  8. What happens if my photo failed during the photo upload process?
    Please click "retry" button on the Activities page.
  9. Can I upload my home cooking photos?
    Yes! After you have edited the photo, you will be directed to page with a list of restaurant suggestions. You may select "Home cooking" for the photo type.
  10. What can I do if I can't find the restaurant name in OpenSnap when I am uploading photos?
    If you can't find the restaurant in the suggestion list after inputting the name into the search box, you may click "Add...... as new restaurant". Click on it and continue your upload process.
  11. How can I hashtag photos?
    Input the name of the tags in the "Add Tags" field in Publish form. Press "space" when you're done and the tag will be created. (P.S. You don't have to add "#" in front of the tags.)
  12. How can I tag my friends?
    You can only tag the people you followed on OpenSnap. (P.S. You don't have to add "@" in front of the names.)
  13. Why can't I find some of my previously uploaded OpenRice photos in OpenSnap?
    This may be because your photos were smaller than 240px x 240px. Since OpenSnap doesn't support smaller than this size, they were not imported. Sorry for your inconvenience!

Other possible operation problems

  1. How can I search other users?
    Open the menu and click on "Find Users". Here you may see 2 tabs inside - OpenRice and Facebook. For choosing OpenRice (default), a list of users who are using OpenSnap will be listed; for choosing Facebook, a list of users who are also your friends in Facebook will be listed.
  2. I tagged friends but their names don’t appear under the photo. Why?
    It is because your friends have turned on privacy in Settings. After your friends approve the tagging, their name will be displayed under the photo you tagged them in.

  3. What can I do if I don't want to be tagged by others?
    You may turn on the setting "Need your approval before your username is displayed under a photo" under "Setting - Privacy".
  4. How do I block/ unblock someone?
    Go to the user's profile, click the " " icon on the right of the username.. After you block that user, you will not receive any notifications from this user and that user can only view your basic profile. There are 2 ways to unblock users.
    1. Just like what you did in blocking users, by clicking the " " icon on the right of the name of blocked users. A popup will be shown to confirm the unblock action. Choose "Yes" to unblock the user.
    2. Go to "Setting - Blocked Users". There will be a list of users you have blocked. Check the users you want to unblock and click the unblock button on the top right corner of Blocked Users page.
  5. How can I turn off the Sharing Settings?
    Go to "Setting - Sharing Settings". Turn off the social sharing (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo, LINE)
  6. If I see some inappropriate photos, what can I do on OpenSnap?
    You may report the photo by using the "Report Spam" function on the photo page. You will find a " " icon on the right of the "Share" button. Click it Choose a reason from our suggestions; you may also provide additional reasons.. Furthermore, you may block the users who have uploaded this photo.
  7. How to edit my followed Topics?
    Go To "Settings" to edit the followed Topics.

My Profile

  1. Where's the Settings button?
    Go to your own profile page and you may find a Gear icon on the top left corner. Click to Settings page.
  2. How to change my profile picture/cover photo?
    Go to your Profile page. Click on the profile photo/cover photo. A bottom menu will show up and you may choose to take a photo immediately for your profile/cover photo; otherwise, you may choose a photo from your device.
  3. How to change my password?
    You can change by going into your profile (My OpenRice) after logging in www.openrice.com
  4. If I forgot my password, what can I do?
    If you are trying to login with your OpenRice account, please click the link "Forgot Password" and follow the steps in order to get back your password. If you are trying to login with your Facebook account, please refer to the process of Facebook to get back your password.
  5. How do I change my email subscription preference?
    You can change by going into your profile (My OpenRice) after logging in. Please click here to change.