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Affordable Eats in Sentosa

Keep your hungry stomach satisfied without a hole in your wallet at Sentosa!

Penang Curry Noodles - Sentosa's Penang Curry Mee - Malaysian Food Street (Sentosa)|Singapore
Tummy warmers on a cold and rainy day!
Satay - Sentosa's Straits of Satay - Malaysian Food Street (Sentosa)|Singapore
You have to wait for at least thirty minutes for these satay !
Chocolate Brownie With Hot Fudge - Sentosa's Coastes (Sentosa)|Singapore
Chocolate Brownie With Hot Fudge
Aglio Olio with prawns - Sentosa's Coastes (Sentosa)|Singapore
Aglio Olio with prawns
Medium rare beef pho  - Sentosa's NamNam Noodle Bar (Sentosa)|Singapore
Medium rare beef pho
Mekong Fresh Young Coconut - Sentosa's NamNam Noodle Bar (Sentosa)|Singapore
Mekong Fresh Young Coconut
Mekong Fresh Young Coconut
Toppoki (Korean Rice Cake) - Sentosa's Insadong Korea Town (Sentosa)|Singapore
Toppoki (Korean Rice Cake)
Strawberry Shaved Ice - Sentosa's Insadong Korea Town (Sentosa)|Singapore
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Strawberries were a little sour for our liking but saved by the generous amount of condensed milk and strawberry syrup. Still, $10 for this is a tad too expensive! Ice kachang may be the wiser choice!
Chicken and salmon skewer  - Sentosa's Pisco (Sentosa)|Singapore
Chicken and salmon skewer
Set lunch $18++
churros and hot chocolate - Sentosa's Pisco (Sentosa)|Singapore
churros and hot chocolate
Set lunch $18++
Scrambled Eggs & Toast - Sentosa's Kith (Sentosa)|Singapore
Scrambled Eggs & Toast
Spicy Crayfish Pasta - Sentosa's Kith (Sentosa)|Singapore
Spicy Crayfish Pasta
Tantalizing Italian Seafood Freshness!
Eggs, Bacon, Toast - Sentosa's Wave House Sentosa (Sentosa)|Singapore
Eggs, Bacon, Toast
Breakfast of champions
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