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Drool to those melted cheese, juicy patty in a burger bun!

So many creatively made burgers in town now! Where should we begin with? Get some good recommendation from our Editor's Pick today!

Cheesy Beef Burger Single - Setapak's Kaw Kaw Burger (Setapak)|Klang Valley
Cheesy Beef Burger Single
Looks Good
The Bash burger - Bangsar's KGB Burger (Bangsar)|Klang Valley
The Bash burger
Texas Hold' Me beef burger - Kota Damansara's Burger Junkyard (Kota Damansara)|Klang Valley
Texas Hold' Me beef burger
Beef patty + bacon + fried onion rings + cheese = ultimate burger
Triple Stack - Bangsar's The Daily Grind (Bangsar)|Klang Valley
Juicy tender meats and soft buns.
Jamming with Elvis Burger - Petaling Jaya (North)'s myBurgerLab (Petaling Jaya (North))|Klang Valley
Jamming with Elvis Burger
The taste is awesome together with the peanut butter & jam in it.
Crispy Chicken Burger - Kajang's Burger Bakar Abang Burn (Kajang)|Klang Valley
Crispy Chicken Burger
boleh la...
Old School Porky Burger - Bandar Puteri's OldSchool (Bandar Puteri)|Klang Valley
Old School Porky Burger
Taste great with its juicy meat ~