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Ice-cream brings happiness and great satisfactions!

Cone, cup or stick ice creams are equally good. Cools the heat off yet satisfy your dessert cravings instantly!

Salted caramel & heneiken ice cream - Sri Hartamas's Whimsical Gelateria & Caffe (Sri Hartamas)|Klang Valley
Salted caramel & heneiken ice cream
Simple & tasty❤️must try:heneiken & salted caramel flavor
Subang Jaya's Fatbaby Ice Cream (Subang Jaya)|Klang Valley
Premium flavor! The ice cream not just one taste, it is more than a taste in one scoop! Lovely
Golden kiwi  - Bandar Sunway's Kindori (Bandar Sunway)|Klang Valley
Yummy~ but I am still preferred pumpkin flavor~