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Plaza Senayan, 2F Unit 231 A - 239 A, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan
Dating / Couple, Dessert
(021) 57900408

Marisa A

3/30/2015 3:56:13 AM

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Cheese Cake - Karawaci's Lady Alice Tearoom (Karawaci)|Jakarta
Adonan cheese cakenya lembut enak👍
cheese cake - 's |Jakarta
cheese cake
hmm... yummy cheese cake lebih nikmat jika disantap saat dingin.
cheese cake - Slipi's Maqui's (Slipi)|Jakarta
cheese cake
kecil tapi rasanya enak buangeettt
cheese cake - 's |Jakarta
cheese cake
super enak dan lembut
Cheese Chimney - Karawaci's Lady Alice Tearoom (Karawaci)|Jakarta
Cheesenya enak berasa kejunya👍
Blueberry Cheese Cake - Tomang's Cheese Cake Factory (Tomang)|Jakarta
Blueberry Cheese Cake
Best cheese cake so far!
Cheesecake - Cikini's Cheese Cake Factory (Cikini)|Jakarta
my birthday surprise from my beloved one. i love it.
Matcha Greentea Cheese Cake - Tebet's Cake Lab (Tebet)|Jakarta
Matcha Greentea Cheese Cake
Cherish the Cheese - Cilandak's Bakerzin (Cilandak)|Jakarta
Cherish the Cheese
enak bangett
Blueberry Cheese Cale - Kuningan's Sailendra (Kuningan)|Jakarta
Blueberry Cheese Cale
So tasty