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Mouth-watering Italian Food

Makanan Italia memang tidak ada habisnya memanjakan lidah para foodies. Aneka hidangan bercitarasa legit dan mantap khas Italia mulai dari Pasta yang al dente hingga pizza yang nikmat dengan keju yang melimpah tentunya buat kamu berselera!

seafood pasta fusili - Palembang's Black Canyon Coffee (Palembang)|Other Cities
seafood pasta fusili
black canyon coffee
Oriental Chicken Spaghetti - Jawa's Pizza Hut (Jawa)|Other Cities
Oriental Chicken Spaghetti
American Favourite Pizza - Medan's Pizza Hut (Medan)|Other Cities
American Favourite Pizza
Pizza Medium - Jawa's Pizza Kansas (Jawa)|Other Cities
Pizza Medium
pizanya murah aneka toping dan aneka ukuran cocok buat kita2 gak bikin kantong kempes
pizza bbq beef and sweet corn - Jawa's Oh La Vita (Jawa)|Other Cities
pizza bbq beef and sweet corn
oh la vita
Gecho pizza feat Bruschetta Tomato Beef  - Jawa's The Gecho Cafe & Bar (Jawa)|Other Cities
Gecho pizza feat Bruschetta Tomato Beef
Pizza Meat Lover - Jawa's Oh La Vita (Jawa)|Other Cities
Pizza Meat Lover
mantab, bikin ketagihaan
pasta Penne - Jawa's Mays's Brownies & Bakery (Jawa)|Other Cities
pasta with chicken n penne sauce
Fusilli Bolognaise - Jawa's Rumah Makan Tamansari (Jawa)|Other Cities
Fusilli Bolognaise
Fusilli with bolognaise sauce and Cheese on top of it.
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