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Breakfast all day, every day!

Who says we can only eat our favorite breakfast foods at the beginning of our days? Craving French toast, pancakes, omelettes, cereal, bacon or eggs throughout the day? Stop by these places to get your breakfast fix!

All Day Breakfast - Causeway Bay's Cafe R&C (Causeway Bay)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
簡單的all day breakfast,但好味
Hello Kitty's all day breakfast - Tai Hang's Hello Kitty Secret Garden (Tai Hang)|Hong Kong
Hello Kitty's all day breakfast
Everything was made with cute details and very pleasing to both eyes and tastebuds!
All day breadfast - Tsuen Wan's Beans (Tsuen Wan)|Hong Kong
All day breadfast
All Day Breakfast - Repulse Bay's The Coffee Academics (Repulse Bay)|Hong Kong
食物、環境、服務… 都非常好!
Breakfast around the clock - Central's Townhouse (Central)|Hong Kong
Breakfast around the clock
All Day Breakfast - Wan Chai's OVOCAFE (Wan Chai)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
餐廳只提供素食,所有蔬菜都好Fresh, 牛角包香脆,炒蛋好滑!
All Day Breakfast - Yuen Long's Moment Cafe (Yuen Long)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
All Day Breakfast - Causeway Bay's 18 Grams (Causeway Bay)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
銅鑼灣小巷all day breakfast加超香滑coffee
All Day Breakfast - Tin Hau's Peace Square (Tin Hau)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
One of my fav places for all day breakie in Hong Kong with the cosy ambience!
All day breakfast A1 - Sha Tin's La Kaffa (Sha Tin)|Hong Kong
All day breakfast A1
That price for an all day breakfast Reli worth a try :))) quite good n full enough for my lunch
All Day Breakfast - Central's Glasshouse (Central)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
Prosciutto Panino & All Day Breakfast - Western District's Ethos (Western District)|Hong Kong
Prosciutto Panino & All Day Breakfast
Chilli bacon, egg, emmental, tomato sauce crêpes - Wan Chai's Odelice! (Wan Chai)|Hong Kong
Chilli bacon, egg, emmental, tomato sauce crêpes
All Day Breakfast - Mei Foo's Wolf Den Cafe (Mei Foo)|Hong Kong
All Day Breakfast
奧蘭度胃口奔馳($70) - Lamma Island's Bookworm Cafe (Lamma Island)|Hong Kong
Editor's Pick inHong Kong
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