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Jl. Ganesha No. 6, Central Bandung
Street Foods, Sushi, Halal, Japanese
(022) 6026995 / 081322066568

Desi Isnayanti

on Foursquare 8/29/2014 9:11:40 PM

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Gyutandon - Gatot Subroto's Bowlicious (Gatot Subroto)|Bandung
Thinly sliced ox tongue cooked with japanese soysauce, chilli and greenpepper served with boiled egg, crispy horenso and salad with mayo..perfect combination!!! Yummmmyyy
Nasi bistik ayam karaage - Gatot Subroto's Bowlicious (Gatot Subroto)|Bandung
Nasi bistik ayam karaage
Daging ayam yang dimarinade dengan bumbu khas jepang lalu digoreng tepung dan disajikan dengan saos bistik, sayuran dan kentang goreng...renyah,gurih dan enak bangett..only rp.25000
Green Juice + Black Coffee - Riau's Kookaburra (Riau)|Bandung
Green Juice + Black Coffee
Set gorengan + ocha refill - Gatot Subroto's Yoshinoya (Gatot Subroto)|Bandung
Set gorengan + ocha refill
Strawberry Cheese Cake Bingsoo - Pasirkaliki's Three Bears (Pasirkaliki)|Bandung
Strawberry Cheese Cake Bingsoo
i ilke it so much, make me fresh & lively