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Green Tea Lover

Green Tea has a typical taste and color, can be processed into a wide variety of foods From Appetizer to Dessert will makes you want for more!

Green Tea Churros - Riau's Heavenly Bucks (Riau)|Bandung
Green Tea Churros
green tea pancake - Ir. Haji Juanda (Dago Bawah)'s Siete Cafe & Resto (Ir. Haji Juanda (Dago Bawah))|Bandung
sebelum sehits ini. greentea pancakenya udah juarra :)) pancakenya juga hijau loh
thai green tea - Karapitan's Rumah Lezat Simplisio (Karapitan)|Bandung
best thai green tea in town ♥
Roti Bakar Green Tean with Ice Cream - Cihampelas's Warunk UpNormal (Cihampelas)|Bandung
Roti Bakar Green Tean with Ice Cream
You cant reject green tea! ☺️😉
Mochi Ice Cream (Black & Green Tea) - Dipati Ukur's Mochilok (Dipati Ukur)|Bandung
Mochi Ice Cream (Black & Green Tea)
Mochi with ice cream inside
green tea crepes

 - Asia Afrika's Suga Rush (Asia Afrika)|Bandung
green tea crepes
diet?? forget it!!!!
Limited Ice Cream (Green Tea) - Riau's Masbash (Riau)|Bandung
Limited Ice Cream (Green Tea)
Limited Ice Cream (Green Tea)
Ice Matcha Latte - Ir. Haji Juanda (Dago Bawah)'s Coko Tetra (Ir. Haji Juanda (Dago Bawah))|Bandung
Who'll ignore this?? 😜
Opera Matcha - Cikawao's Disini Bakery & Bistro (Cikawao)|Bandung
Rasa matcha nya kurang berasa, coklatnya juga kurang wangi terlalu manis, tapi tampilannya cantik banget 😻
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea - Cihampelas's Chatime (Cihampelas)|Bandung
Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea
L; 24.500
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