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Cheesy-licious Food in Bali

Keju selalu membuat aneka hidangan menjadi spesial dan super lezat. gurihnya keju berpadu dengan ragam hidangan mulai dari appetizer hingga dessert, semuanya wajib kamu coba!

margarita lime cheesecake - Seminyak's Taco Beach (Seminyak)|Bali
margarita lime cheesecake
margarita lime cheesecake
Strawberry Cheese Pancake and Gelato - Sanur's Stadium Cafe (Sanur)|Bali
Strawberry Cheese Pancake and Gelato
Strawberry Cheese Pancake and Gelato
Shrimp shack mac & cheese - Kuta's Bubba Gump (Kuta)|Bali
Shrimp shack mac & cheese
Cheese in Spiced Olive Oil - South Bali's El Kabron (South Bali)|Bali
Cheese in Spiced Olive Oil
Oh so yummy!!
Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli 
 - Kuta's Pizza Hut (Kuta)|Bali
Pepperoni Cheese Fusilli
Cheese melts with mushroom and beef bacon  - Kuta's Bali Bakery (Kuta)|Bali
Cheese melts with mushroom and beef bacon
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