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Makati Shangri-La, Manila, Ayala Corner Makati Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati
Casual Dining, Hotel Restaurant, Fine Dining, Multi-national
8142580 / 8138888
Palak Paneer (ultimate fave), shrimp tandoori, chicken korma and fish curry. All fantastic! I went back for palak paneer and the shrimps!


8/23/2015 4:32:22 AM

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#circles #Indianfood #snapit
North Indian Platter - Pasay's Spiral (Pasay)|Metro Manila
North Indian Platter
Got almost everything in the North Indian station. The dips, curried veggies and cottage cheese were perfect to top the crisp chapati. I went back for that cottage cheese!
Palak Paneer and Naan - Bel-Air 's Legend of India (Bel-Air )|Metro Manila
Palak Paneer and Naan
Best Indian dish of cottage cheese and spinach! Delectable together. The naan is wide and chewy and perfect!
Frozen Yogurt - Makati's Circles Event Café (Makati)|Metro Manila
The froyo has that refreshingly light taste so I dumped all the fruits I could find! Kiwi!!
Various Sushi and Sashimi - Makati's Circles Event Café (Makati)|Metro Manila
Various Sushi and Sashimi
Freshly made with a squeeze of lime makes each of them perfect to the bite. Salmon is the best.
Fish Masala - Bel-Air 's Legend of India (Bel-Air )|Metro Manila
Thick rich red curry enveloping fish pieces goes well with naan. It's filled with real masala flavor.
Chicken Samosa and Aloo Bonda - Bel-Air 's Legend of India (Bel-Air )|Metro Manila
Chicken Samosa and Aloo Bonda
Everyone loves the samosa! The curroed chicken strips inside make it so Filipino friendly. The Aloo bonda also is great- yummy potato balls!
Dal Tarka - Bel-Air 's Legend of India (Bel-Air )|Metro Manila
The soup is so masala thick that it's more like a sauce. The chickpeas make it so filling that it's good enough for a protein packed meal
Dessert Platter, Desire Cake - Makati's Circles Event Café (Makati)|Metro Manila
Dessert Platter, Desire Cake
Everything was delightful bt shoutout to the Desire cake (rightmost). Its rich and creamy ganache deserved seconds.
Chicken Tikka Masala - Central Bus. Dist.'s New Bombay (Central Bus. Dist.)|Metro Manila
Chicken Tikka Masala
A no-brainer chicken dish is the chicken masala. Bathed in awesome red curry and topped with cheese, the chicken dish is soothingly creamy. It's great with naan!
Palak Paneer - Central Bus. Dist.'s New Bombay (Central Bus. Dist.)|Metro Manila
My ultimate favorite in New Bombay is Palak Paneer. How can you say no to cottage cheese cubes and creamy Spinach-based curry with cheese. I love this healthy Indian dish!
Seafood platter - New Manila's Buffet 101 (New Manila)|Metro Manila
Seafood platter
International cuisine! The best ever..
Dessert Platter - Makati's Circles Event Café (Makati)|Metro Manila
My favorite is the green tea opera cake!!!
Sushi and Dumplings Platter - Pasay's Vikings A Feast From The Sea (Pasay)|Metro Manila
Sushi and Dumplings Platter
Cheese Platter - San Lorenzo 's Writers Bar (San Lorenzo )|Metro Manila
Artisanal Cheese Platter 950 php. With Baguio honeycomb, fruit compote, and grapes.